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9 Things That Turn Off Home Buyers

January 18th, 2017 8:24 AM by Ben Guyton

As a home-seller you often have to guess what will get a Buyer excited about your house or cause them to believe yours is "the one".  There may be many things you could spend thousands on to get hundreds in return, but these things are for sure to make a difference in the eyes of today's buyer if completed before getting your home on the market -

Popcorn Ceilings - The old staple of the 20th century now dates a home and makes it look old.  Scrapping the ceiling can be really expensive and time consuming, so what can you do?  Try installing a new layer of Ceiling grade gypsum board over the top of the popcorn ceiling instead of scrapping.  This gypsum board is lighter than regular gypsum board and should cost no more than $2.50 per square foot installed.  It will lower you ceiling height by about a half inch, but not enough to worry about.

Lack Of Storage -Small closets and cabinets are a major turnoff for home shoppers and a pretty difficult problem to solve for the homeowner.  How can you make a difference?  Remove at least half of the things you currently have stored in cramped closets and cabinets.  Smaller closets seem much bigger when they are only half full.  Take out seasonal clothes and store elsewhere.  Makes sure to space the hangers so two fingers can fit between them.  If you need to rent a small storage place then do so - it'll pay dividends.

Messy Laundry Rooms and Garages - Most everyone knows homes need to be decluttered before going on the market, but how that looks can be different for a Buyer or a Seller.  Many times a Seller declutters the house by throwing everything in the garage or laundry room.  Fine for when guests drop by, but not for home shoppers.  Home shoppers look everywhere and make judgements based on what they see.  Spend some time organizing what you can into matching stackable plastic bins and only keeping out what is necessary until your home is sold.  Again, this may require storing items in that place down the road or having a quick yard sale!

Dark Rooms - Keeping a room dark is great for sleeping but not for impressing potential Buyers.  Dark rooms and hallways also come off as being dirty and unkept to Buyers.  When you have a showing be sure to open all blinds, curtains and shades and be sure all lamps and overhead lights are on too.  If you notice dark areas then you may need to shift a lamp around or add lighting to that area. a combination of natural light and powered light will create a much better showing and entice the Buyer to stay longer to view your home.

Dark or Boldly Colored Walls - Having dark colors or paneling on your walls makes the room feel much smaller and will turn off Buyers.  Boldly or brightly colored walls make it harder for a Buyer to envision themselves and their furnishings in the home.  As simple as it may be to say changing colors is easy after they close on the home, today's buyers will follow the path of least resistance when buying.  Given the supply on the market here, they will simply move on to the next one.  If you are committed to selling then change to these walls has to come.  A fresh coat of paint to neutralize the interior colors will be worth the expense and give you a quicker sale.

Wallpaper - This simply dates a home.  No matter how pretty you believe the paper to be or how nicely it ties into the towels or drapes, Buyers are turned off by wallpaper and have been for over a decade now.  Take the time to remove and paint, or better yet hire a professional to do it.  Hopefully, if you have it, the paper is accent in nature and won;t be a big job.  There is a cost to having wallpaper whether you factor in the costs to have it removed or the much larger deduction on the price to get the home sold.

Dated or Dingy Bathrooms - There is no doubt that an unappealing bathroom takes away from a homes value.  It can be very costly to update a bathroom and really, why would you do it when moving when you've wanted it done the whole time you owned the home?  The solution is to make sure the bathroom is super clean and disguise the bath with big fluffy towels that hang and wonderful bath mats and accessories.  Don't over do it and make sure not to make it look smaller by crowding.  If you need to bleach grout or replace caulk then do so.  Do the best you can here and try to keep it under $100.00 if possible.

Gold or Crystal fixtures - You will still see some new homes using these in the right way, but in almost every case these fixtures left with the 20th century.  Replace the fixtures with brushed nickel, which is timeless and works in all decors.  There will be costs to this, but it will be worth it for an update.  If you really want to impress then be sure to replace the door hinges too!

Pets In The House - Pets should never be in the home for showings.  You obviously love your pet and I'm sure, Like my Tanner, they are a part of the family, but they need to go during showings.  The options here may be to simply take the pet with you when you leave for a showing all the way to boarding the pet while on the market.  If you work and showings take place during your work then pet sitters or neighbors may need to help.  Always address food bowls, smells and any damage done by the pet.  Even other pet owners don;t want to see your pets stuff when considering buying your home.

As a general rule of thumb when selling your home put on "buyer glasses" to determine the things your home needs.  Always enlist the help if a professional to assist you.  If trying to sell alone then contact a staging professional.  If working with a Realtor to sell the home then ask them to make suggestion or better yet ask them to bring in a professional stager for help.  Chances are you will be out looking at homes yourself and understanding what impacts your decision when buying will help you a loot when selling too.

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Posted by Ben Guyton on January 18th, 2017 8:24 AM